Here is another strong gaming laptop from Alienware, this is the older version of the Area51 and it runs on an AMD Turion 64. Let’s take a look at what this bad boy can do for you.

As far as I know you can get this laptop in 2 different colors, silver and black. The laptop is overall glossy with a very attractive design. On the backside of the screen sits the Alienware logo that can be illuminated in neon blue or turned off by simply using the Fn+F10 switch combination.

The Alienware m9700 also features many connection facilities like 4 USB 2.0 portsk, FireWire, 10/1000 ethernet port, 4 in 1 media card reader, Express Card Slot (54mm), optical port, VGA out port, DVI out port, S-Video out port etc. as you see there are tons of connection facilities to the laptop and many good features.

Overall the LCD is flawless and I had no problems with it. The image refresh rate is excellent and the webcam offers stunning pictures even its just on 1.3 MP. Alienware is using BisonCap software with this webcam and I have to say it again “the quality is amazing.”

This machine is now pretty old but it still
runs the newest games very good. The machines performance features a . AMD Turion64 ML-44 processor
(2.4GHz), Dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS 256MB (MXM) video cards and 2GB RAM. Here are some performance test results:

F.E.A.R: 37-38 fps all settings on high
Doom3: 50-52 fps all settings on high
GRAW: 37-39 fps all settings on high
3DMark 2006 4976 points
3DMark 2005 9867 points

This is a very powerful and well-made gaming laptop. The SLI performance is fantastic and it can almost compete with the new desktops but not quite. This laptop is aging and also becoming cheaper, so if you need a cheap gaming laptop you better get this one.

+ Very good webcam and display
+ High performance
+ Very nice design
+ SLI graphics

– No dual core CPU
– Glossy screen (not good for gamers)


~ by bestbooter on June 23, 2009.

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