Yahoo Exploit Booter – C++ Error

Ok Folks this one yahoo exploit booter is working these days. you need to have 100 good bots as suggested by coder of program to hit yahoo messenger, yazak and yahelite. For rest of third party yahoo clients i haven’t tested this yahoo C++ error exploit.

yahoo C++ Error

Below are the comments from coder johnnyjammer

” Pretty simple uses ymsgdc login by dazza still works good and fast

This needs Pm’s to be open on yahoo messy 8 or 9 ive only tried 9 but im sure the error script will handle 8 as well
load 100+ names i used 100 names and it hammers pretty good lol 200-300 would smash hell out of yahoo messy but why bother “

” this will boot clients i have booted yazack/yahelite and ymlite wikth 200 bots and sent 10 thousand pkts but as fara s ur problem logging in u would say if the others work then ur tmp banned oir yah mate had PM’s off see this is a file transfere pkt thats all with 1 char(10) so it wont be killer “

Download yahoo C++ Error Exploit Booter By JohnnyJammer Error Jammer.rar


~ by bestbooter on June 21, 2009.

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