Yahoo Chat Room Destroyer – Update 7.8

This new version of yahoo room destroyer is disconnecting any third party yahoo client like disconnecting yazak, yhook etc very fast and strong

Version 7.2.0

  • + yahoo exploit Boot options:
  • + Add Single, Dual, Triple options (Improve messenger boot packet)
  • + Update yahoo Chat Room Invite Packet (Yahoo Messenger Boot server 130 option)
  • + Add 2 Yahoo Messenger boot options using http bot (One http bot boot option) for lagging the yahoo messenger chat room, DC yahoo messenger victim using yahoo chat room invite packet. Both options load 1000 sockets to send yahoo exploit boot packet.
  • + Add room invite yahoo exploit packet using charge/release technique
  • + Fixed yahoo captcha bug (bug: when too many captcha windows loaded, RD terminates unexpectedly)

Room Destroy Version 7.3.0

  • + Add Http boot options with all are charge/release technique
  • + Http room DC, one http bot can D/C whole room
  • + Http room fake join to annoy the room
  • + Http room text lag
  • + Http send room invite to D/C victim

All options work good depends on the status of Http server
Researching something… really amazing boot options will be out !

Room Destroyer Version 7.8
– Add YMSG12 login, so you can avoid some types of booter (Do not get affected by Http/ymsg room DC)
(Thank BlackLee for this trick)
– Remove unused resource to save memory

Download the Yahoo Chat Room Destroyer


~ by bestbooter on June 21, 2009.

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