Why Shouldn’t You Buy LG Dare

The LG Dare belongs to the newest generation of phones for Verizon. It is, technically, the enhanced and improved upgrade from the LG Decoy. But some folks are finding that they might have been happier with their older models or wait for the next generation of phones to make their appearance.


So why shouldn’t you buy LG Dare? We will give you the reasons.

One of the biggest complaints it that the touch interface was too quirky and sends the user everywhere that they didn’t want to be. LG Dare phones seem to be classically overshooting the user’s destination making it frustrating and time consuming to put it all to good use. The features might be handy enough, but what good are handy features when it is too difficult navigate?

Considering this is the biggest way to navigate the phone, the users became very frustrated as they misnavigate and miss out on important bits of information quickly. One of the newer features of the LG Dare is hand-writing recognition and most did not find this feature very user-friendly either. The phone was not too forgiving in recognizing the handwriting; another frustrating feature of this enhancement. While the idea was ingenious, the actual application still requires much fine tuning and more testing before releasing it on the general public.

Many people are reliant on spelling correction of some kind and there is none to be found on the LG Dare. Without an efficient spell checker features, it is too easy to misrepresent the meaning and professionalism of the message. The web browsing was a nightmare with the touch interface being inferior. The web browser is only an exercise in frustration for most users with dropped connections, an inability to reach the desired destination, and the overall dissatisfaction of user friendly ideas. Not to mention that the display is slightly smaller which translates into the user having to scroll more. With all the mishaps on the user interface on the LG Dare, scrolling is the last thing anyone wants to have to do a lot of.

Well, maybe we can turn to the hard keys to help us out of this navigation quandary. Sorry folks, there are not any navigation keys that come with this model.

However, so that we do not come across as a bunch of pessimists, the LG Dare does do what is was mainly designed to do…make a decent phone call and get other’s attention. Hey, it works as a bling-bling!

Yet, if all you are looking for is a basic phone to call home, business associates, or check in weekly with your grandmother, there are much less expensive phones on the market that can easily handle this function with less frustration.


~ by bestbooter on June 21, 2009.

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