Samsung Glyde Review


The Samsung Glyde is the American version of the very well received Samsung F700. Samsung created a good deal of interest surrounding its release and there is quite a bit of curiosity regarding whether or not the phone has delivered on all the hype. The slide out design and the full QWERTY keyboard give users a full scale, simple to use typing feature. Moreover, the Samsung Glyde comes with a full range of features that takes it from a mere phone to a complete communication and entertainment tool.

You get the powerful 3G network and web browser for wireless internet connectivity. The web browser, by the way, is a full HTML browser that permits full navigation of the internet rather than the scaled down version that is often found in non smart phones. The 2.0 megapixel camera takes great little snapshots and the attachment abilities allow you to send them via email to your heart desires. The Samsung Glyde comes with the standard Bluetooth for hands free operation and the GPS navigation system is considered above average when compared against similar phones in the same price range.


While the QWERTY keyboard offers the full range for typing messages, the Samsung Glyde’s QWERTY lacks the numerical buttons necessary for punch dialing phone numbers. While there are easy shortcuts to grab a number from your address book or flip over to a recently missed or dialed call, in order to place a new call you have to revert the phone back to its touch dialing pad. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the touch screen interface is not on the same quality scale of other comparable phones.

The vibrating feedback of the dial key pad is adjustable, which is a handy feature in itself, but the response time from the moment you press a number or letter to the moment you feel the vibrating response is slow. If Samsung improves the touch screen interface to be a little more reliable and responsive, this smart phone would most definitely be worth all the hype.

The Samsung Glyde offers ample standard features from simple calculators to voice mail to internet access. It is also set up with many user friendly short cuts and a number of neat little tricks to get you from one application to another. Overall, the Glyde is just a tad too small when it comes to screen size, button size, and icon size.

Maybe we have fat fingers, but we believe that this smart phone is designed more for individuals with long, skinny piano fingers.


~ by bestbooter on June 21, 2009.

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