iPhone Alternative: HTC Touch Pro 2


If you are looking for alternatives for a touchscreen phone aside from the ever-popular iPhone, you can try getting your hands on a HTC Touch Pro 2. It’s a great smartphone working on a Windows Mobile 6.0 platform. If you are a lover of touchscreen features, you can glide your fingers unto its 3.6 inches TouchFLO 3D interface screen. It also has the revolutionary HTC Internet Push Technology, among other features this phone can boast of.

It’s a good thing that Touch Pro 2 from HTC had undergone a make over. It now comes in a better design and style, compared to its predecessor, the HTC Touch Pro. It is powerful enough to do your corporate tasks- this can be perfect as a business phone and stylish enough to be trendy and hip.

Aside from its touchscreen features, the HTC Touch Pro 2 also comes with a QWERTY keyboard, as most smartphones have. It also has improved battery life, ambient sensors and expandable memory. You can also take advantage of this phone’s e-mail capabilities, voice/ speakerphone features, multi-conferencing and asymmetric speakers.

The HTC Touch Pro 2 also comes with Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi capabilities, USB connectivity (ExtUSB), 3.2 megapixel camera and another VGA camera. So if you are looking for iPhone features without the high price tag, the HTC Touch Pro 2 should be your top choice.


~ by bestbooter on June 21, 2009.

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