Hold Mic in Yahoo Chat Room

Okay I am writing this because i got valuable traffic from keyword domination, hold mic, etc. So as i spent 3 years on yahoo software’s lol, but now due to my studies and work i just spent some free time on yahoo like chatting with my close friends and playing some songs in yahoo chat room. When ever i go to some new room and hold the mic and play songs, the chatters of particular room just ask me hey how u hold this mic.

I will just discus about holding the mic in yahoo chat room more often known as voice domination yahoo anti software world.

Yahoo allow some specific time to hold the mic and after your time over it will be send to the next user who wana say some thing on mic. In order to hold the mic yahoo anti soft programmers like dubee, dazza, markus, asr etc has developed there voice control software’s.

Voice Domination software are mainly categorized in to 3 categories.

1. Mass ignore Softwares ( Mass igy: Use Multiple yahoo ids and you can put multiple voice in yahoo room).

2.Third Party Yahoo Voice Domination Clients ( Single Id login can over power simle yahoo messenger users) Clients having voice domination are svox, sniper, ysupra etc.

3. Yahoo messenger support programs like ytunnel, ytkpro etc which have in built mic locker and voice domination feature.

Just google it and find the software’s, my recommendation would be svox and ysupra which you can find in my blog

Comment here if you want me to put some softwares if you guys are unable to find i will mail to your email addresses, just write down the emails while commenting on post.


~ by bestbooter on June 21, 2009.

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