Add someone to your Yahoo Messenger list without their permission

How to Add someone to your list without their permission

Ok, for those who have been on yahoo as long as I have, this is the way
we use to Add someone to our friends list without them knowing.

1) Pick an account that you want to Add the person to.

2) Create an alias account under that main ID;

3) Sign into messenger with the Alias you just made.

4) Go back into the account information, and click the delete button to delete the Alias ID HOWEVER DO NOT CONFIRM IT YET.

5) Add the user to your friends list in messenger under that new alias account.

6) After to have added the user, IMMEDIATELY go and hit the confirm button to delete the alias profile.

7) Now the user you just added, will probably deny the request to add
them, however you never get that denial because you have deleted the
account to which the ADD came from.

The user will remain on your friends list for the main account name.


~ by bestbooter on June 21, 2009.

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