Sony VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth Laser Mouse


The new Sony VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth Laser Mouse features a aluminium case and a sliding cover.The aluminium cover is used as the on/off switch and also to protect the buttons and jog wheel.

The new Sony VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth Laser Mouse features :

  • Fresh, cool design
  • Fit and operate by pursuing : Keep getting the design to fit the palm of your hand, pursuit of easy turning of the wheel.
  • Compact design with a sharp, gentle curve along the palm, also made by a moderately rounded posterior portion of the mouse in its hand corner to fit naturally in the hand.
  • In addition, the optimal width (equivalent to cell phone) operation in a stable, broad-friendly push buttons.
  • ON/OFF on Opening/closing the sliding aluminium cover
  • A strap can be attached to the mouse with the mounting holes on the Back of mice
  • VAIO Bluetooth-to-use features and smart : VAIO is equipped with a Bluetooth wireless mouse functions on the line.
  • Requires no external receiver, USB adapter put on the save the trouble, you can use the smart without bulge.
  • How a simple connection : Bluetooth connection settings are basically the first time only.
  • If the set once, PC power OFF and replace the battery you need to re-set. You can use the mouse any time soon.
  • With a high sensitivity laser engine : High-sensitivity laser sensor for surface materials that can not be affected, in a glossy surface and instability in the conventional optical sensor to allow stable operation.

~ by bestbooter on June 20, 2009.

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