Abe Natsumi – sexy japanese star

Name: Abe Natsumi,
Nicknames: Nacchi, Nacci
Profession: Actress / Singer
Date of Birth: 1981 August 10
Birthplace: Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan
Height: 152cm
Weight: 42kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Sister: Abe Asami
Talent agency: Hello! Project

NatsumiAbe.jpg Natsumi Abe image by jockstrapmagoo

Abe Natsumi information

Abe Natsumi is one of the five original members of Morning Musume. She often took the lead in songs. The artist page for Natsumi Abe and Maimi Yajima’s collaboration has been added to the official Hello! Project website.


Prison Girl (SP, 2006)
Koinu no Waltz
Aiken Rosinante no Sainan


Dan the Puppy’s Story / Koinu Dan no Monogatari, TOEI (2002)
Last Present


Natsumi started out as one of the original members of Morning Musume. She “graduated” from Momusu in January 2004.

Natsumi Abe (with DVD region 2) This darling singing idol is perhaps best known for her contributions with her Hello! Project family as being part of the world popular all female group Morning Musume (Morning Daughters).

Natsumi_Abe.jpg Natsumi Abe image by CuteyHun

Abe Natsumi, sexy japanese star.

abe.jpg abe natsumi image by peace-love

Natsumi Abe in Vietnam (with DVD region 2). Natsumi Abe (AH-beh) is the super-cute former Morning Musume member whose popular is incredibly high in Japan.

Live DVD release from Natsumi Abe includes footage from her November 18, 2007 acoustic concert at the Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan during the Natsumi Abe.

oveenabe.jpg Abe Natsumi image by maitokahvi

Natsumi Abe

Singer and actress Natsumi Abe, a former member of the all-girl pop group Morning Musume, faces charges after hitting and injuring a motorcyclist in a traffic accident in Tokyo. There are many other japanese singer or artist information in this site. 11 Sep 2007 by Recently updated products at JLIST.com 2008 Calendar — Natsumi Abe As one of the original 5 Morning Musume girls, Natsumi was one of (if not the) oldest member until she graduated from the group this year. Now she spends her days enjoying relaxing photoshoot schedules.

I was a little bit perplexed by the news that Natsumi Abe releases her new song. S he just showed up in the media when she was caught in a car accident. This time features Natsumi Abe in the roll of captain. DVD includes footage of the September 29, 2007 perforamnce at Theatre 1010 as well as concert footage. Information of Natsumi Abe’s japanese pop songs.


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