Making Secure Transactions Online

Credit card has become popular among people for its simplified means of cash carrying. A credit card always carries your information details in a magnetic strip or a chip provided in its body. This facilitates to go for online shopping. One of these types of shopping is called E-commerce. It facilitates confidential information to travel online with security and safety. The information’s are also confidential. To buy or sell on an online system a Gateway system is required. This system is a third party network which sends an information to the merchant towards his safe payment after being processed through the server of banks or credit cards. These transactions are usually encrypted. It helps in the time of getting out of debt.

When you buy at a merchant opening through a credit card the merchant swipes the card to know the validity of the credit card and your outstanding limit. BUT, if he is dishonest and uses a credit card reader and skimmer, he will get all the details in the magnetic strip/ chip of the card and could clone such information in another magnetic strip and go for a shopping spree. Then it becomes difficult pay off credit card debt However, it is easy to detect a duplicate credit card but due to poor understanding of technology many merchant cannot identify. Credit card consolidation is a part of the credit card pay offs.

While using a computer online buying on a website always ensure a padlock symbol in the browser site. If the symbol is displayed then the credit card is safe and secured for transaction. While sharing a computer in a café or with a friend always ensure to clear the history in the browser. Certain cases have been detected that the activities are extracted from the browser by using SPYWARE, MALWARE and other form of viruses. These viruses extracts vital information’s and use them fraudulently. PHISING is another form of cheating a credit card user. They dupe the innocent consumers and collect their private information’s and impersonates them. This type of phising is usually done via e-mail and phones.


~ by bestbooter on June 19, 2009.

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