Getting the Broadband Speed Your Paying For?

One of the fastest growing Internet technologies is the broadband connection. It is estimated that about every home in United Kingdom and so also of Ireland as well as Spain will be covered by broad band connections by the year 2012. Currently more than 60% of the population in the country is having broad band connection to their homes. The average speed of their broadband connection is 2 Mbps. However the connection could be much faster. The ADSL broadband for example provides speed up to 8 Mbps in terms of speed for the average consumer that is provided through their existing copper land line connections. However, some of the consumers get broadband connection at the speed of around 24Mbps. It is possible to judge the speed of the broadband connection using the Irish speed test.

Cable Broadband is now available for more than 50% of the homes in UK. Due to the use of the fiber optic technologies, the speed can reach the height of 50 Mbps. However the increase in the speed will cost more on monthly basis than the alternative slower options. Mobile broadband using 3G mobile telephone networks instead of using the fixed land lines can give you the speed of 3.6 Mbps to 7.2 Mbps. However it is largely dependent on the performance of the network as well as the use of hardware. Scientists and engineers also expected that the 4G will allow 100 Mbps downloads for the mobile users and this ultimately came true with the rapid growth of the computer technologies all over the world.

Important of the broadband speed test becomes even more important in view of the fact that many people who are already using the broadband might be looking to move off to some greener pastures. What the broadband speed test is? It is a simple test online that you can also perform in your own home. You can carry out such tests whether you are using broadband or dial up connections of any type. There are also divergent sites that will offer you with free speed test that enables you to make decision about the next broadband provider when you are going to reach the end of your current contract.

Providers in almost every country provides for such free tests. For instance if you are from Spain, you can resort to the Spanish speed test that will enable you to know exactly the speed at which the broadband connection is being provided to you. Such free tests will help you make your decision about the provider. Moreover you will also be in a position to exactly assess whether your current provider is providing you the maximum benefits or you will benefit from changing your provider and shifting over to some better connections.

Just as you test any provider in respect of any of the services when you procure one, it is necessary for you to judge the actual efficiency of the broadband connection you are using. After all, a slow connection is irritating and disturbing to say the least. Using the Irish speed test or the Spanish speed test or such other tests would resolve your problem quickly.


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One Response to “Getting the Broadband Speed Your Paying For?”

  1. hai,
    I check my broadband speed by using speed test.It's useful for me.My broadband speed is,
    755 kbps when downloading &
    268 kbps when uploading.

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