Are All ATMs Secure?

Are the ATM machines insecure? A security researcher reported that they can be affected with malwares that can fetch a users personal information such as his card’s PIN and magnetic stripe information.

The researchers at Trustwave’s SpiderLabs have got a sample of this malware. And they reported that these would make it possible to obtain even the PIN of a card holder. A special mastercard would be able to do it. Once it is inserted and then removed, in the print out receipt the person would be getting all the details such as the PIN and other personal information of the card holder.

Well, this malware can even spread across all the other ATM machines that are connected through a network. But for now, it is not capable of doing that. But we can expect for that any time. The person who is behind this malware wouldbe planning to make it more powerful! So, even if it’s installed in a single ATM machine, it would spread through all the other machines as well that are networked with the infected machine.

But, for installing this malware, one should have access to one of the input ports of the ATM machine. Only then he would be able to install the malware. But this is possible only if the person has contacts with the insiders of that particular bank or ATM machine. So, the security systems of the various ATM machines have to be improved in order to fight against such malwares.

The person who is behind this malware would surely be someone who knows whats happening inside the ATM. He would be well aware of the functionality of the ATM machines. Most of the ATM machines out there are with Microsoft Windows operating system installed in them. And in these ATM machines this malware could do much damage!

The professionals at Trustwave’s SpiderLabs research group, have tested this malware in the ATM machines with Windows installed in them, and the result was that it ran pretty effectively in these machines!


~ by bestbooter on June 19, 2009.

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