About The Wii and How Cool It Is

Nintendos newest cool toy the Wii is a home video game console that is released for families. In fact it is a 7th generation console. Others in the fray are the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3. It is claimed by Nintendo that they target a broader demography in comparison to its compatriots from Microsoft and Sony. To some extend their claims are also established by the fact that they lead both Microsoft as well as the Sony Play Station 3 in terms of worldwide sales.

Features that makes the console stand out in comparison to its compatriots is the wireless controller embedded into it. The Wii remote can be used as one of the handheld pointing devices. It can detect movements in three dimensions. The other distinctive feature of the Wii console is the WiiConnect24. The device enables you to receive messages as well as updates over the Internet even in the standby modes. Wii is the 5th in the series of consoles released by Nintendo and follows the Nintendo GameCube. It is also able to play all the games that were featured in its predecessor console.

When the new console was announced in the E3 press conference by Nintendo, many did not believe its potential. Their views started changing after the system was physically unveiled at the E3 2005 press conference. A prototype was also displayed in the Tokyo Game Show in September 2005. The console started winning its awards from E3 2006 onwards and had completed its launch in most of the major markets by December 8, 2006. You can try Free Wii to get the feel of the game.

Game designer of Nintendo; Shigeru Miayamoto explained that the concept involved focus of unique forms of player interactions. The consensus opinion was that power was not everything for the console and it is interface and efficiency that matters more for it.


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