T-Mobile Tariffs Get Sony Ericsson C905 Pink Cyber Shot

The ultimate ‘Gadget for Girls’ from Sony Ericsson has now been released on a third network in the UK, after being launched on both O2 and Orange pay monthly deals the new pink C905 Cybershot phone can now be connected to a range of T-Mobile tariffs including some great free gift packages.

The Pink Sony Ericsson C905 on T-Mobile mirrors the exact same design, technology and features of the other colour variants in the C905 range which now comprises of a Black, Bronze, Gold and Silver edition.

This latest pink addition to the camera focused Sony C905 will appeal to any gadget loving women as they can finally opt for a pink phone that offers far more than just the basic features found in most. The biggest competition for the Pink Sony C905 comes from the recently launched Samsung Pixon Pink, another 8 megapixel camera phone but this time with a full touch screen.

Pink Sony Ericsson C905

Pink Sony Ericsson C905

The Pink C905 is a thing of beauty with the slider closed, with the softly rounded edges for a comfortable grip, chrome highlights surround the sides where a selection of buttons for controlling the camera are found and the body has a soft-touch coating emphasizing the C905’s high level of build quality.

Pink Sony C905 Cyber Shot

Pink Sony C905 Cyber Shot

As you hold the phone like you would a camera, the capture button and zoom rocker fall naturally under your fingers and the screen, a 2.4″ 240×320 TFT item, does a great job as the viewfinder. If you are wanting a phone which feels exactly like a camera, the C905 won’t disappoint.

Sony Ericsson C905 Pink

Sony Ericsson C905 Pink

The Pink Sony Ericsson C905 is their flagship CyberShot model and it’s loaded with features in addition to the brilliant camera. The 3G phone has HSDPA support for fast data speeds while out and about, plus Wi-Fi if you’re near a wireless hotspot, giving plenty of opportunity to use the first class web browser installed on the C905.

C905 Cyber Shot Pink

C905 Cyber Shot Pink

We love its intuitive scrolling and very handy zoom features, so much so we wish the phone had a bigger screen to display it on! A GPS receiver is built-in and comes with both Google Maps and a trial version of Wayfinder Navigator installed. You can also geo-tag your pictures too.

Pink Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber Shot Phone

Pink Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber Shot Phone

It may not be the smallest or lightest phone available, but the Sony Ericsson C905 is easily the most camera-like of the current crop of 8 megapixel camera phones. Picture quality is also fantastic, it has almost every essential top range feature and good looks too! Finish the package off with decent connectivity options and the excellent NetFront browser and the C905 emerges as one of the most complete mobile solutions available.


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