Samsung i900

Samsung i900 is the most recently launched handset from the house of Samsung mobile phones. This handset was launched in the June 2008.

The all new Samsung i900 is loaded with astonishing features which are as follows:

1.Hands free characteristic of the device comprises of two divisions, first one is the remote and the other one is the pair of headphones. The handset’s remote features an audio jack of 3.5mmwhich enables a person to exchange the already accessible headset with another Samsung I900 Omnia.

2.The device’s dimensions are 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm and it is also very lightweight, i.e. just about 127gms. The gadget is very much compactable and can also carry the phone from a place to another as it is capable of easily being fitted into a person’s pocket.

3.The classy design of the phone is just mind blowing and at the left hand side there is a USB port and a lanyard eyelet. The right hand side has a camera key and a volume rocker.

4.The Samsung i900 Omnia has a camera of 5.0 mega pixels that does an awesome job in taking perfect and cool images.

5.The handset’s led flash is also very apposite for shadowy surroundings when a person wants flawless pictures with utmost lucidity.

6.Outsized QVGA screen of the handset delivers a great platform to browse the web and view movies on widescreen.

7.The menu button of the Samsung i900 also arouses the option of proprietary main menu and if this key is pressed for an extensive time, it opens up the task manager.

8.The touch keypad of the handset functions in two modes, regular mode of touch pad and mouse pointer mode of touch pad.

9.The phone has a touch optimized user interface and its impressive memory can store a large amount of data. It is available in two modifications. one with a memory of 8GB and another with a memory of 16 GB.

10.The in built GPS receiver of the phone is worth praising and the interface of Touch Wiz of the phone is also noticeable.

11.One can also send EMS, SMS and Emails with the help of the quick services of the device.


~ by bestbooter on June 17, 2009.

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