Powerful Blackberry 9000 Bold

The latest addition to the prestigious and popular Blackberry family is Blackberry 9000 Bold. It is designed for heavy biz users but is suitable for the family as well. It comes with a host of useful and powerful features like the greatly improved software. It is capable of opening and editing the common document formats such as word text files, excel files, PowerPoint and PDF files. It is a bit heavier at 136 g ideally suited for the corporate world.

This is the logical successor to the Blackberry 9000 Bold This handset comes with a set of powerful features like no other handset in the market today.

GSM quad band for global roaming. Finally, a Blackberry handset that is compatible with 3G networks. It is supported by a UMTS tri-band 3G network which covers more than 160 nations.

Impressive voice command features. Dialing and recording are made much easier with the new speaker phone jack (3.5mm). That makes talking while on the go a real cinch especially when you find yourself in places with lots of background noise. The voice comes crisp and clear.

Fast Internet access. The Wi-Fi feature works seamlessly and is very easy to set up. This is great when you are in hotspots and needs to do some quick business documents editing and send them over immediately back to the office.

Full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is very smooth and not stiff when typing on the keys. That makes this handset great because you can key in text messages very quickly with a different feel than what you experience with other phone Blackberry 9000 Bold.

Blackberry OS. Internet functions like e-mails and instant messaging are supported by the faster 624 megahertz CPU. That is in addition to the standard SMS and MMS (video and sound files).

An exceptional colour screen. This is perhaps the only Blackberry 9000 Bold that features a screen that is like a high-definition television (HDTV) but only a tenth of the size. That is simply incredible for a 2.6-inch main display screen that has 65,536 colours.

Big built-in and expandable memory capacity. The internal memory is an unbelievable 1GB at 128MB RAM while it is expandable up to 8GB using microSD (TransFlash) or microSDHC. No other handset comes close to the Blackberry 9000 Bold.


~ by bestbooter on June 17, 2009.

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