No More Thumb Boards

So far, nobody has produced a true all in one. I want a full function computer/phone combination that fits in my pocket.

Toshiba is releasing its latest development in flash memory. They have produced a 2 1/2 inch solid state digital (SSD) flash drive capable of replacing your laptop or desk top computer’s platter hard disc drive. (HDD) Using Multi-level nano technology, the drive is 512 Gigabyte and uses much less battery power, is absolutely silent and durable.


Novatel and others bring us the USB cell stick in such a compact package that data phone service can be added to literally any device we can imagine or my preference is the tiny data card that plugs into any pmcia slot and connects you to the cell network for high speed internet access.

Jornada 728 That screen is 6 inches wide so you can see an entire 80 character line without scrolling back and forth, and that keyboard is big enough to touch type, yet the clamshell folds up and slides into your shirt pocket leaving about 2 inches sticking up in sight. I can live with that if I can read the screen. Ever tried resizing the text on a 4150 iPAQ?

Now imagine pulling the guts out of that Jornada and packing in those of the VGN-UX380N from Sony’s Vaio. There’s is the best attempt thus far at getting the true all in one, but they really screwed up the form factor with that slider thumb board design. And why can’t I make and recieve phone calls on the VAIO? I suppose I could if I bought Skype services, but I’ve already paid Cingular for their Wireless EDGE service.

Sony’s Vaio VGN-UX380N

Intel Core Solo U1500 Ultra Low Voltage 1.33GHz
2MB L2 Cache
533MHz FSB

1GB (1GBx1) PC2-3200 DDR2
Max Memory: 1GB

40GB 4200rpm Ultra ATA Toshiba’s 512 Gig SSD flash drive.

4.5” Wide SVGA (1024×600) LCD, Touch Screen

The old Hewlett Packard Jornada 728 form factor with its 75% of full sized keyboard and touch screen with today’s technology inside would nicely fill 90% of what I’m desiring. The rest could be accomplished with a data card from Novatel or similar. Apparently, everybody is racing toward miniaturizing the mobile devices. I don’t want mini, especially when it comes to keyboard and screen realestate. This is counter productive to most mobile computer users’ needs. I want portability. I want a butt load of features and I want to be able to see the screen and have a reasonable interface mechanism. Thumb boards? Give me a break. With a touchtype keyboard and a small computer screen not so small that you have to scroll back and forth across the web page or document to read an 80 character line yet still folds up and slides neatly into a vest or shirt pocket, I get my features and my portability and I don’t find it a struggle to read that tiny, tiny print or fumble over a tiny, tiny set of keys.

So, I’m picturing a cell stick or cell card slot to provide cellular access on whichever network provider I choose. I’m picturing a small pda touch screen on the outside face along with nice big low profile phone dialer keys and on the opposite or bottom side (away from the screen) speaker and microphone. I mean, com’on. With the earpiece on the same face as the screen, your makeup if you’re a woman or face grease if you’re a man smudges and smears the screen. Who designs these things? Last detail is a dockable blue tooth stereo headphone. That means everything is included in the single package. The only peripherals are the bigger screen you leave in the office and expander docking station next to the screen you left in the office. Everything you need is in your pocket in a single unit to do your job, play your games, shop online or find your way around town.

Speaking of which, why not have a matching station in your car? Yes, dock this little unit in the radio face and now it becomes a speaker phone for hands free, your gps interface, your music library, etc., etc., et-flipping-cetera, Think of it. Now the developers aren’t just selling pda’s and cellphones, they’re selling computers, peripherals, auto entertainment centers, big screen displays for the office. Yes, they’re all using the same brain which remains with you at all times.


~ by bestbooter on June 17, 2009.

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