MSI GX-620 and the GX-720 Concept notebook

MSI GX-620

MSI will show its Green Concept notebook product design with Anion technology! Anion technology is a technology to purify the air and remove toxic substances. MSI is the first to combine anion technology with the advance computer technology to create World’s First Anion Notebook. Notebooks are often used in indoor spaces with insufficient ventilation; the MSI Anion notebook can provide users the benefits of clean air anywhere.

MSI developed the MSI PR620 Anion Notebook, which makes it world’s very first notebook that is capable to release anion to better your health. Using the latest in technology, the MSI PR620 Anion Notebook can release up to five hundred and fifty thousand ions/cc (50 cm from the air vent)*. This is more than if you were right next to mountains or the beach. The Anion module can also contain concentrated ozone lower than 0.02ppm. (UL & TUL regulations must be lower than 0.05ppm; high ozone concentration can be harmful to human bodies).


~ by bestbooter on April 14, 2009.

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