Apple Building a Safer Nav System


Navigation systems are becoming standard equipment, and someday in the not-so-distant future drivers will likely take for granted the fact that they have satellite-mapped directions available at the touch of a button. But do nav systems make for less-safe drivers because of distraction?

Apple is apparently trying to get ahead of this issue by building a safer touch-screen for a navigation system. In an 11-page patent filing, Apple outlines its vision of that safer system, which includes voice-activated directions and a detachable device (probably like an iPhone) that will come with directions you downloaded at home already on there, and which can also be used as a still or video camera (why not, right?).

The patent also mentions wireless communications like Bluetooth, which calls to mind Ford’s Sync system. The most interesting idea put forward, however, could be that Apple wants to lock the driver out of operating the system while the car is in motion, giving access only to the passenger. We assume this is for functions like inputting new addresses, like many current nav systems utilize, and not other simple uses, like zooming in and out on the map.


~ by bestbooter on April 5, 2009.

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