Tesla Model 2009 review

About the new four door, seven seater (5 adults + 2 kids), all electric eco monster from Tesla — the Model S. We’ve seen the pictures of the gorgeous beast and we’ve had our chance to let the lust settle.

But the thing that’s been bothering me, and surely many of you, is that it still feels like Tesla is making cars with a decidedly un-populist bent. Tesla has been claiming for a long time now that their business plan is to start with the high end market, make some money, learn some lessons, and subsequently release cars that the rest of us can afford — using that money and those lessons to get there.The sedan—which will cost about half as much as the Roadster—is intended to be a more practical and affordable alternative to their $109,000 sports car. Tesla anticipates a base price of about $49,900 after taking into account the electric vehicle federal tax credit of $7,500. If you include the cost of buying gas (at $4 per gallon of course) the price drops down to about $35,000.

Owning a Tesla is a separate matter. While the performance numbers are incredible, the two-seater design makes it impractical for many beyond just being a toy. The sticker price of $109,000 also puts it out of reach for nearly all of the car buying public.

What we need is an electric car that will serve the needs of the everyman. Enter the Tesla Model S: it’s a four door sedan that’s powered from your wall socket. While definitely won’t be getting 0-60 times of under 4 seconds with the Model S, pricing is something that’s within reach for a greater part of the populace.

Tesla Motors just revealed in its newsletter that the Model S will have an anticipated base price of $57,400. The price will effectively become $49,900 after a federal tax credit of $7,500.

The company also explains that because of relatively inexpensive maintenance and refueling, the lifetime ownership cost will be closer to cars with far lower sticker prices.

Tesla will unveil its Model S prototype sedan March 26 at the Tesla design studio inside the SpaceX rocket factory, in Hawthorne, California. The company believes that the Model S will likely be the world’s first mass-produced, highway-capable EV when it rolls off the assembly line in late 2011.


~ by bestbooter on April 4, 2009.

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