Sony Ericsson C903 Reviews

Sony Ericsson C903 – Advanced Imaging From the Sony C903 Cyber Shot
By Andrew Ramsey
Sony has always proved its credentials in the terms of technology and services. It has always met up to the expectation of the users in all range of its products. The mobile phone range is no exception to this. The Sony has introduced large variety of mobile for all the segments of the people. It has introduced its cyber shot range in mobile phone as well for the people who want to enjoy the good quality pictures. The recent introduction of Sony Ericsson C903 model to the cyber shot range is a good choice. If we look upon the grand features of any dedicated digital camera and compare it with the camera of Sony C903, we will have a hard time choosing the better of the two.
One of the most important factors of any camera is its resolution. The resolution of the camera is responsible for the quality of the images that it can capture. The Sony Ericsson C903 has 5MP camera that gives good quality images.
Another important feature that makes different cameras distinguish from each other is its digital zoom. The digital zoom is the capability of the camera to focus at the distance images so that they can be clicked with precision and clarity. C903 has digital zoom of 16x that is good enough to capture distant images with good quality.
The focus of the camera decides upon the clarity of the pictures. The focus of the camera can be adjusted manually or automatically. The manual adjustment may require the expertise and may also not give very optimum results, thus an automatic selection is the best way. Sony C903 has the automatic focus that adjusts itself automatically to give the maximum clarity.
Beside the basic features of the camera like resolution, zoom and focus a good camera should also have other additional features to enhance the performance of the camera so as to give the excellent images. Sony Ericsson C903 has no dearth of these additional features. It has the smile shutter that drops as soon as it encounters a smile. The face detection technology of it can save up to 3 faces to be recognized and captured. The BestPic will help to capture 9 shots in succession within 1 second so as to have a choice in selecting the best picture. The image stabilizer will help to avoid the shakes and give the images that are blur free. Other features like photo fix and photoflash also enhances the quality of images captured.

Clicking the pictures and keeping with you is not so exciting until you share them with your loved ones. Most of the digital cameras do not have the facility with which you can directly share your images. But Sony C903 can give you the advantage of sharing your pictures with all your near and dear ones with the help of its picture blogging facility where you can put all your pictures online in just few seconds.
Thus Sony Ericsson C903 can make any other digital camera feel embarrassed in front of it


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