New ipod shuffle review

New ipod shuffle

New ipod shuffle

The long awaited ipod shuffle came out March 11th toted as “the worlds smallest” mp3 player. Apple claims the new ipod shuffle is “jaw-droppingly” small, with new features such as VoiceOver which allows the ipod to tell you what song is plaing with a push of a button, it can even tell you what playlist you are on. It is half the size of the Gen 2 ipod and has the controls on the headphones. The new ipod at the moment is available in Silver or Black.

I purchased my 4GB ipod shuffle from Bestbuy for 99.99 (Canadian dollars.. thats 75$ USD) basically the same price at any store that sells ipods since Apple seems to have a price fix on them. I found the apple overivew to be spot on, with this ipod shuffle being much smaller then the original, the new Voiceover feature worked great and I thought it was an excellent feature. Battery life is that which is expected from the ipod with about 7 hours of battery life. My only issues with the new ipod where this, the controls are on the headphones and those tend to break often (atleast with my previouse ipods I had to change the headphones a couple times due to wear) so im not sure what the replacment value is on these.. will it cost half as much as just buying a new shuffle?. and secondly this new ipod is amazingly small for the features and battery life it provides so small that im afraid I would lose it without knowing or it will just slid out of a hole in my pocket.


~ by bestbooter on April 4, 2009.

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