HTC Touch Diamond Vs HTC Touch Pro – The In-House PDA Fight

The Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro are two excellent handsets that belong to the reputed parent company HTC.
Since both these handsets were released about the same time their comparison became inevitable. Although both have some similar features and a few differences, both these handsets are worth every penny. The HTC Diamond caters to the larger audience whereas the HTC Pro was developed keeping in mind the business community who require a versatile handset to cater to their day to day activities.
These efficient pocket handsets posses the Touch Flo 3D technology that is provided by HTC. The biggest plus point about the Diamond and Pro is that the this Touch Flo 3D technology has an easy interface which provides a high level of flexibility and responds to finger gestures while viewing contacts or browsing the web.
The HTC Touch Diamond and Pro both posses the same 3.2 mega pixel cameras with auto focus. Although other models can boast of 5.0 mega pixel, the image quality of these two models is decent enough.
Both the Diamond and HTC Touch Pro can boast of excellent GPS facilities. The highly sensitive GPS can locate destinations in a quick and efficient manner through a dedicated satellite navigation unit. This is of immense help as you can get navigation assistance at the click of a button on your palm.
The most important aspect is that the Touch Diamond and HTC Pro supports ultra fast HSDPA and WI-FI technology when you want to download or surf the internet.
Main differences between the Diamond and the Pro: The Touch Diamond is 0.26 inches slimmer and 1.95 ounces lighter compared to its counterpart, the Pro which also has its own QWERTY keyboard which facilitates sending text messages and answering e-mails on the run.
The HTC Diamond has an inbuilt 4 GB memory or internal storage compared to the Touch Pro that has only 512 MB. The multimedia aspect is better in Pro and it is a bit of a let down in Touch Diamond although it is a model that boasts of 4 GB internal memory and a VGA screen. It you are multimedia savvy then your ideal choice would be the Touch Pro.
The Touch Diamond does have a flashy and efficient interface with very useful features but there is difficulty in using the keyboard and so messaging and other productivity applications are tedious. The HTC Pro scores over its counterpart model in terms of its sliding keyboard which is easier to use.
If you want to make a choice between the Diamond and the Pro, then take into consideration the features offered by both these terrific models. The Touch Pro is a better choice if you are a businessman and more interested in productivity but the Touch Diamond is a better choice if you give importance to multimedia and web browsing. Now, the choice is yours.


~ by bestbooter on April 4, 2009.

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