Caring tips Cars in Rainy season

Rainy season has come, some people regard as the rainy season a blessing, but not so well for the car owners, the rain making the car dirty and not harmonious eyes.

Especially if you live in a flood prone area and you certainly do not want your car favorite stagnant water, because secanggih any car, never actually designed to hold water.

In addition, a number of parts integrity, both in engine and drive components also need to be guarded from the threat of water. At least not as the preparation of the car broke down in spite of continued rain or even forced to go through some pool. Although sometimes this simple examination cause visit our subscription to the workshop if there is some serious damage.

It not better to prevent the strike from the time the flood or during heavy rain your car. So, harmless, and we find the tricks and tips on how to treat and clean the car in the wet season.

* As we know a lot of rain water containing salt and grain fine dirt, and therefore do not directly better before your body with clean water until evenly distributed. Then wash the car with sampoo effervescence and low wash back evenly and mengelapnya.

Do not leave dirt or salt water by rain in the body more than 3 days, because it will cause the occurrence of rust, fungus stains and water dry up.

* Clean your car thoroughly, such as: car hinge, edge baggage, car door edge, bonnet edge, etc.. Do not leave the water used after washing the body is too long because the former can leave a difficult eliminated.

* Clean your car part of the first half or after then the other.

* Avoid washing cars with a foamy shampoo high, if not too dirty, just with water only.

* Checking Components

Check ignition system

Check all system components such as the burning fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filter should be replaced whether or not and do not miss the disposal system components, waste gas, and a series of exhaust.

This is necessary because of leakage not only make the fuels useless. Can even make the entrance to the water in the gas tank or tube in the series of car exhaust. When it happens more severe damage will occur on the other engine mechanical systems.

Check ignition system

Check the ignition system components. Check the ignition time and ignition time adjustment to do the right. Check the koil and platinum. Make sure plug is clean from dirt, check the spark plugs from the possibility of electrode worn or burnt.

Replace the cable if the plug is leaking, hard or too old. More detailed examination should be conducted also on the cover plug, koil or distributor. When this section there are slit or holes, water will splash off the electricity the car concerned.

Check electrical system

Check the electrical system components that all work well, such as whether there is a cable peel, drop out, loose and damaged another. Check the lamp if the vehicle is dropped out. Check the instrument lamp switch. Inclusion of water in the system perlistrikan and cable will be the occurrence of short-circuit and create a short car immediately if the strike is wet.

Check starter dynamo

Check that the starter motor to function properly. Are starter motors smoothly, not-stagnant stagnating. Terpantau most easily when the dynamo stater fuss is susahnya car engine is turned on. Make sure that the current flow to the starter motor to play a strong motor starter.

When the fourth part is really no escape from the monitoring, the car away from the scourge will ’strike’ every day despite rain even when you are forced to face water. When the pool do not worry, it is not unduly high is less than half a wheel of the car. Pertahankan slowly and with the gas pressure in the fixed position.


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