The Digital Photography Slr

If you are a newbie in the world of digital imaging, the term “digital photography slr” may sound familiar. Slr stands for single-lens reflex. It has different mechanism from ordinary digital cameras. In digital photography slr, the reflex design system exposes the sensor to the light reflected on the lens and the images are previewed through the liquid crystal display (LCD) before the photographic shot is taken. The mechanism of the digicam allows its screen as its electronic viewfinder. If you opt for the digital photography slr for capturing those images, then here are some few tips as a newbie:
If you have purchased a camera with Digital Photography SLR, always keep its manual handy.
Protect your lens from UV rays, have a UV filter for each lens.
Study each of the settings of your camera with Digital Photography SLR. This will greatly help if you are aiming for a fast moving object.
A great way to learn the setting of your digital camera with SLR is to make some experiments and tryouts. For instance, try taking shots of a beautiful landscape with different settings and then compare the difference.
Always bring along the necessary accessories for your digital camera with SLR such as tripods, extra memory card and batteries wherever you go. The tripod should be used to keep the camera steady for clearer shots always. The memory card is for you to take pictures more when the memory turns low. You would not want to miss a spectacular view just because your camera runs out of memory.


~ by bestbooter on March 27, 2009.

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