Improved and proven servo technology

Some industries are not obviously advertised and are somewhat obscure, but use a search engine and you’ll see a vast array of technologies out there. For instance, as science and technology progresses, new materials are always being produced. We don’t rely much on wood and carpentry anymore and for that reason we need machines that work with new materials. One company that specialises in making machines is Automation, Presses & Tooling. This company provides services to the metal forming industry, such as the auto parts industry and cylinders as in fire extinguisher shells. One process used by AP&T is hot stamping, which as a dry printing process. Controlled heat, pressure and precision timing is used to transfer colour pigment from foil to surfaces of differing materials and shapes. Thus, forming a permanent bond between the material and the foil, creating a dry print.

Ap & T in effect also makes the machines that make other parts for other machines. In addition, the company is involved in hydraulic press, which is a hydraulic mechanism for applying a large compressive force. All this takes me back to physics at school, remembering Pascal’s principle and other topics.
This company has an excellent reputation in the high tech companies.


~ by bestbooter on March 27, 2009.

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