Honda S2000

writer: Steve Demmitt
photographer: Steve Demmitt

Transferring the power to the ground is a Cusco six-puck hyper clutch and flywheel. Making sure the traction needs are met are sticky BFGoodrich KDW2 tires, which wrap around a beautiful set of 18-inch Work Emotion XD9s. These wheels contrast the brightness of the blue paint with their Mag Blue finish, giving this ride a racier look. Behind the wheels is some strong braking power, featuring Spoon Sports calipers with Power Slot rotors.

The under-chassis setup showcases a strong combination of quality, look, and feel; its team effort is reflective of the owners.

Gency and Darci made sure they each had a hand in picking the right parts. They had some differing ideas that were quelled with a simple concept of trial and error. They didn’t go through with a part unless both agreed that it was right. That’s the beauty of this car-the owners themselves. “We learned that without friends and family, or their support, things would be much harder on our own,” Darci explained. “It took time, dedication, and sacrifices to be where we are. We just didn’t let it take over our lives and that’s why we succeeded as a duo. Even now, we’re not done with the car. Like the tuning culture and even our own tastes, it will always be evolving.”

Behind The Build
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Gency Galarce & Darci Naboa

25 & 24

Ewa Beach, Hawaiii

Insulator & Owner of Robo-Art

Fishing, lifting weights, MySpace, Yahoo! Games, car cruises

Build Time.
Four Months


“We built our car for personal gratification.”

’03 Honda S2000Output N/A

Engine Toda individual throttle bodies; Veilside titanium teardrop exhaust; Comptech stainless steel header; J’s Racing valve cover; Koyo radiator, Samco radiator hoses; Cusco radiator cooling plate, catch can; AEM EMS, fuel rail; Walbro fuel pump; Spoon Sports motor mounts

Drivetrain Cusco six-puck hyper clutch; Exedy flywheel


TeinType Flex coilovers; Cusco front and rear strut brace, four-point rollcage, subframe connectors, cross bars

Wheels/Tires Work Emotion XD9 (18×9 front; 18×10 rear); BFGoodrich KDW2 tires

Brakes Spoon Sports monoblock brakes; Power Slot rotors; Hawk brake pads

Exterior Tracy Sports wide body kit, custom-made carbon-fiber canards; Seibon hood; DuPont chrome premier paint

Interior Sparco Torino 2 seats; Spoon Sports steering wheel; ARC titanium shifter knob; custom carbon-fiber center console

Electronics Defi gauges; Nesa Vision NSD-362T head unit; MTX amplifiers, speakers, subwoofer


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