Digital Photography for Beginners

The most exciting in the world of photography nowadays is the existence of digital imaging or digital photography wherein the production of photographs does not require any other mechanical device or chemicals. All you need is a digital camera were you can store and manipulate photos through Micro SD chips and save it on your personal computers. Digital photography is so popular because of its convenience and ease of use. Digital photography has now become a new kind of art. Some of the basic concepts you need to put in mind when you plan to engage in digital photography:

  1. Ambient light which refers to the natural light around the object. If you opt for the natural light, the best time of the day to take those shots is before and after an hour on sunrise and sunset.
  2. The aperture of your lens. The amount of light passing through your camera lens can be controlled by adjusting the “f” stops. Take note that the larger the f stop, the lesser light passes through your lens. You need this setting if the natural surrounding of the object is bright.
  3. Contrast is the differentiation of the brightest part of the picture to its darkest part.
  4. Resolution refers to the degree of clarity of an image which is measured by dots per inch on hard copy and pixels per inch on display screen. The higher the dots or pixel per inch, the better and clearer image you can get.

These are just a few basic terms in digital photography. With a digital camera on hand, you can start taking shots and store them digitally and later on, through the help professional image editing software, you may find yourself engaging in this wonderful new form of art.


~ by bestbooter on March 27, 2009.

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