Digital Photography Cameras

There are many digital photography cameras around and each of them may satisfy the three main categories of photographers: the hobbyist, which makes photograph-taking as their activity during leisure time, the amateurs, who are learning to take great photographic shots through experience and the professionals – who make photographs as their living and are very well-versed with the digital camera techniques. If you can classify yourself among these categories of photographers, you can now identify the best digital photography camera that works for you. Among the thousand types of digital photography cameras out there, here are some things that you should consider before making a major purchase:
1. The various camera categories are as follows:
a. Ultra-compact digital photography cameras, which is the smallest digital cameras around.
b. Compact digital photography cameras, which are the predecessors of ultra-compact digital cameras and are relatively cheaper
c. Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras for photograph aficionados. These cameras have an interchangeable lens for great shots. These cameras can be cumbersome to carry because they are often bulky and have many accessories.
You can decide which of these cameras you may want to buy.
2. The camera resolutions can be as low as 3 mega pixels and can be as high as 15 megapixels. Remember that the lower the megapixels, the less quality pictures you can get. The recommended resolution is between three to five megapixels. These can be great for print and desktop wallpapers. If you want to print these pictures on larger paper, you should choose a resolution higher than 7 megapixels.


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