2002 Nissan Skyline GTR

writer: Bruce Grove
photographer: Aaron Powell, Henry Z. DeKuyper

A custom chromoly rollcage, and new Aragosta adjustable coilovers-expensive, but pretty cool-front and rear work in tandem with the stock antiroll bars at each end. Ikeya Formula adjustable front control arms join a Nismo rear set. Hanging from them are a set of Work Meister S1 wheels-18×9.5 up front, 18×10 at the rear-wearing Toyo Proxes R1R tires.

Apart from a pair of Recaro front seats, custom switches, and gauges from Stack, the cabin has been stripped to the metal. The exterior, however, is another matter. Apache Racing side skirts and wide rear fenders adorn the car, along with a Top Secret carbon-fiber hood and an Origin GT rear wing. The front bumper is OEM, as is the rear, but the latter is augmented by Top Secret vortex generators. The lights are also OEM, high-intensity discharge (HID) items.

The doors and trunk are custom-made carbon-fiber parts and the whole vehicle is painted in DuPont’s WRX blue. The graphics were supplied and applied by Bros and the cherry blossom design, which is also seen on Takatori’s crash helmet, is an homage to the Team Super Autobacs Drift home town of Kyoto, renowned for its flowering in springtime.

Let’s hope Takatori doesn’t believe in omens. In four weeks the finished Skyline was handed over on the first of April-All Fools Day. So to get all this work done on time, Super Autobacs must have put everyone on this job, right? Not quite. One guy, Satoru Kawamura, was responsible for the lion’s share of this task including the fabrication, paint, and build; aided and abetted by Takatori himself, with coffee, cigarettes, and driving away the urge to sleep. Many parts were cannibalized from Takatori’s other Skyline.

Long Beach, Calif., early April: As is so often the way in motorsport, it’s a weekend of triumphs and disappointments. Takatori qualified first among the unseeded drivers, but finished the event in joint 12th Place. One race doesn’t make a season and if this much can be accomplished in four weeks, who knows what improvements Takatori may enjoy a couple of months down the line.

’01 ER34 Nissan Skyline
Output Estimated 700 hp

Engine RB26DETT engine; Tomei 2.8L stroker kit, ECU, cams, rods, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft, oil pan, valves, valvesprings, retainers, intake manifold, intake, throttle body, cam gears; Kakimoto exhaust; HKS manifold, T04Z turbo, wastegate, fuel rail; Koyo intercooler, intercooler piping, radiator, diversion panels, oil coolers, fans, power steering cooler; Samco radiator hoses; NGL sparkplugs; Bosch fuel pump

Drivetrain OS Giken sequential transmission, LSD, triple-plate clutch

Suspension Custom chromoly rollcage, Nissan Laurel front suspension apron; Aragosta coilovers; Ikeya Formula tie rods, upper control arms; Nismo lower control arms

Wheels/Tires Work Meister rims (18×9.5 front; 18×10 rear); Toyo R1R tires (225/40ZR-18 front; 265/35ZR-18 rear)

Brakes Project Mu brake pads, rotors, stainless steel braided lines

Exterior R34 front and rear bumper; Apache Racing wide rear fenders, side skirts, canards; Top Secret Vortex Generators, carbon-fiber hood; Origin GT rear wing; custom carbon doors, trunk; DuPont WRX blue paint

Interior Recaro seats; Willan’s harnesses; Stack gauges; custom switches

Gratitude Mad love for Super Autobacs, Toyo Tires, Koyo radiators, Tomei, OS Giken, Work wheels, Origin, Linear Seats, Top Secret, Lucky Strike Bass Fishing, Bros Vinyl Pro Shop, Apache Racing, Agency Japan, 888 Designs, JDM-Wheels.com, Courant LLC, and Victor Reyes

Behind The Build
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Michihiro Takatori




Smoking, Excellent Sake, Fast Cars, Girls, Fishing, And Smoking More

Build time.
Four Sleepless Weeks


“If there’s a will, there’s a way.”


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